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Реклама в Ишиме

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Реклама в Ишиме 

In 1782 Korkina Settlement by Catherine II was renamed the town Ishim. At the same time the city acquired its coat of arms - a golden carp in a blue field.

The first mention of Ishim found in the documents of the late XVII century as Korkina settlement. The exact date of foundation settlement is unknown. Most likely to be considered the period between 1670 - 1687 years. Until the first half of XVIII century Korkina suburb - a military outpost, the central Ishim strengthen the defensive line, which defended the southern borders of Russia from the raids of nomadic tribes.

Since 1782 under the Edict of Catherine II Korkina suburb became known as the city of Tobolsk Ishim governorship. In March 1785 was the highest approved by the coat of arms - a golden carp in the blue box - "... a sign that the circle onago town are many lakes, abound kotoryya shoyu and excellent fish of the size of the add ...."

In the XIX century. Ishim - the county town of Tobolsk Province, which is held annually in December, St. Nicholas Fair, and local products (leather, fur, Hardware, lard, meats) diverge across Russia. Butter is actively exported abroad. Fair trade turnover reached b, 0 million. Advantageous geographical location, situated along the main Siberian highway, among the richest agricultural and pastoral districts of the province of Tobolsk, led its transformation into a major center of trade fairs throughout the West Siberia.

Factory and factory industry of the city were less developed. By the end of XIX century there were quite a few plants and a small factory: five tanneries, four soap, six sheep, eight pimokatnyh sixteen blacksmith, eight brick, two beverages, two svechesalnyh, two oil mills and a brewery.

In the period from 1817 to 1871 years in the city there are educational institutions: district school, parochial school, female progymnasium, religious school. November 30, 1860 in the house of a retired bureaucrat Shabanova opened the first public library.

In the XIX century Ishim visit: educator, historian of Siberia PA Slovtsov, Director of the College of Tobolsk Province DI Mendeleyev, the German scientist Alexander von Humboldt, an American journalist, author of "Siberia and the link" D. Kennan, AP Writer Czechs.

The cultural significance of the city and its fame not only in Russia but also abroad largely due to the activities of exiles. In 1798, in Ishim is Balk, MD, who was exiled for taking part in the circle "of Smolensk freethinkers," then - the hero of the War of 1812. In the same year there was a former military G. Lupolov with his family. His daughter Parasha three years will go by foot from Ishim in St. Petersburg to the Emperor Alexander I "for mercy" for his father. This story will be reflected in works of literature / novel "Elizabeth L. or exiled in Siberia" French writer M.-S. Cotten; story "Young Siberian" French writer C. de Maistre; drama NA Field "Paracha Sibiryachka" and others. In the 30-40-XIX century their Siberian exile here partly dissenting serving the Russian imperial government: the poet-Decembrist VI Shteyngeyl (created with Ishimsky merchant NM Chernyakovskim "Statistical description of Ishim district of Tobolsk Province); Polish Rebels: Yanushkevich, G. Zelinsky, A. Ivalzhevich, S. Krzyzanowski, C. Balinsky, in the 80 years of 19 century: writers folk-GA Machtet, NE Petropavlovsk / S. Karonin / II Svedentsov, as well as I. Gurvich - Marxist economist, author of "The migration of peasants to Siberia."

In 1913, the North-Siberian railway through the station Ishim located two miles from town, went to the first trains. North-Siberian road was built to give local products more convenient access to the national market. This prevented the World War I and the subsequent social upheavals: February and October revolutions, civil war. In 1921 Ishim and Ishimsky County became the center, where a peasant revolt began - the largest anti-government demonstrations in Soviet Russia. It unfolded in the vast territory of the steppe regions of Yamal Ishim to and from the Urals to Omsk, it was attended by over 70 thousand peasants.

From 1917 to 1923 Ishim included in the Tyumen province, from 1923 to 1934 - in the Ural region, from 1934 to 1935 - in the Chelyabinsk region in 1935 po1944 years - in the Omsk region, and from 1944 to the present time - in the Tyumen region.

During the Great Patriotic War Ishim contributed to the cause of victory over fascism. In autumn 1941, Sinitsynskom forest was formed in 1272 th Infantry Regiment 384 th Division. The funds ishimtsev were built tank-Siberian ishimets and air squadron "Ishimsky working." In the locomotive depot was built armored train "Patriot". From front-line cities in the Ishim were evacuated, and then stayed here avtopritsepny Plant (now - Engineering), Repairing (now - Ishimselmash "), mechanical workshops (now - Works Mechanical Works IPU), shoe and clothing factories. In the 60's and 70's of XX century happened to re-new equipment. Ishim become an important center of machine building and light industry south of the Tyumen region.

 О разном Ишимцам
15 января
Георгий Александрович СКОРОХОДОВ родился 15 января 1927 года в деревне Шешуково Тюменского района. В армию призван 31 декабря 1944 года, служил в пограничных войсках 69-го пограничного отряда стрелком-пограничником.
10 декабря
На базе Тюменского лесотехнического техникума 24 ноября состоялись областные соревнования «Славим человека труда!» в номинации «Лучший электромонтёр». По итогам рассмотрения заявок для участия в них были отобраны представители десяти предприятий (в основном - сетевые компании), в том числе Пётр Николаевич Шаров – электромонтёр АО «Водоканал» г. Ишима.
26 ноября
У Зинаиды и Сергея Сулимовых Золотая свадьба – 50 лет совместной жизни. В ЗАГСе молодоженам вручили медаль «За любовь и верность». Как начиналась история любви?
Сергей Федорович Сулимов приехал по распределению в Ишим, закончив ФЗУ в Тюмени. 
17 ноября
Одиннадцатиклассник школы № 8 г. Ишима получил диплом абсолютного победителя областного этапа Всероссийского форума «Шаг в будущее».
В дошкольном возрасте Даниил интересовался компьютерными развивающими играми, космосом и биологией.
27 октября
30 октября профессиональный праздник отметят работники автомобильного и городского пассажирского транспорта.
 Сергей Юрьевич десятый год работает в ОАО "Ишимское ПАТП". Пришёл на предприятие, когда здесь набирали водителей на "Газели", через три года пересел на большие автобусы, с тех пор возит пассажиров по городским маршрутам.
7 октября
Татьяна Фурлетова-Демченко вместе с семьёй приехала в Ишим три года назад. Ехала по работе, по направлению фирмы, и ещё не знала, что неизвестный городок в Тюменской области обернётся для них тихой и уютной гаванью, где захочется остаться.
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